8 Tips/Ideas for a Summer Wedding!

Summer can seem like the ideal time to get hitched with so many people on vacation and the weather being pretty reliable, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Obviously we all know that there are summer days that can be miserably hot.  Just in case your wedding happens to fall on one of those days, there are some tips to make it bearable.


1. Consider renting fans or misters for the outdoors to keep everyone cool.











2. Make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruity drinks, lemonade).


3. Provide paper fans for guests. You can incorporate them in as you program or just buy adorable paper fans and place them in chairs.google-3001120687-26908320343208026524-fan-2742512398125061254012472-safe-on-off-21029--288826


4. Make sure there is a lot of shade available. You don’t want anyone to get overheated!


5. Consider using Sunglasses as a guest favor.














6. Stations and stands are all the rage right now.  Get creative and make a lemonade stand or an Ice Cream bar (or Both!).















7. Be careful when ordering a buttercream cake.  Buttercream doesn’t hold up in heat very well so make sure it can be kept indoors or opt for fondant.












8. Try to plan you day accordingly based on the coolest part of the day.

As long as you are prepared for a summer wedding there should be nothing that prevents you from having a beautiful, picturesque day.  We wish all of you summer brides the best of luck on your big day!  Don’t forget to contact Abbey Road Weddings  if you live in Southern California for help with all of your coordinating needs!

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