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Since ancient Rome it has been a tradition to throw grain, traditionally wheat, at a wedding ceremony. Grains, wheat, rice, etc. have played a significant part in the wedding ceremony for thousands of years as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. This derives from a time when wealth was measured by how much food you had and the idea of fertility and prosperity was not solely reserved for the bride’s ability to provide offspring in the marriage but rather for the couple to be able to thrive in a largely agriculturally based society.

In other traditions and cultures the simple sharing of a meal of rice together would bind a couple in marriage as the act of eating together implied their living together. Or for other cultures the use of rice at a wedding, particularly the act of throwing rice, was meant to feed the evil spirits who were there to ruin the happy day for the couple.

Back to Roman times, where wheat was the grain of choice instead of rice as it symbolizes fertility. A bride would carry a sheaf or bouquet of wheat, a tradition that has turned into flower bouquets. Instead of throwing the sheaf of wheat to the guests, guest would toss grains of wheat at the bride. Single girls at the ceremony would then try to grab the grains that bounced off of the bride in the belief that the grains would guarantee them a chance to walk down an aisle of their own.

This tradition evolved to baking wheat cakes that the guests would crumple and throw at the bride and then to the use of a large cake that the bride and groom would then cut to feed their guests. Because this left guests with nothing to throw at the bride (the cakes were too costly to throw anymore) a cheaper option was found in white rice.

Of course today many people have different options on how to continue this little tradition so here are some alternative choices for things to give your guests as you walk out into your new life together.

  • Rice
  • Lavander buds
  • Bubbles
  • Sparkers
  • Flower petals
  • Bird seed
  • Wheat
  • confetti
  • Cupcake sprinkles (careful with this one as it can get sticky if it goes down your dress!)

If you have any other ideas or have things you have done for your wedding let us know!



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By: Clare Rhine

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